Thursday, March 29, 2007

Neww Comics Wednesday

Damn, $16 bucks just for like five comics.

Anyway, so what did I pick up today?

52 - Weeks 45 & 47
Batman #661
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #18
Sensational Spider-Man #36

Okay, 52 is pretty cool. I do like the concept, but I regret just not picking up those first issues when I first saw them. Fuck, I suck. Well, I will pick up the TPBs as they're released. People bitch about the series, but I like it. I've been saying for years comics should go weekly. Cut back on titles, release them as fast as possible. The art suffers, but as long as the writing is strong they'll be forgiven. Anyway, most comic art sucks these days anyway. Overall, from what I have picked up, it's stupid fun. Seeing as how the book utilizes a large cast, they gotta cut the comic to the bare bones. In short, it's pure adventure oriented comics like God intended.

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man just landed on my weekly pick up list. Couldn't tell you what the fuck is going on but I do know this...Peter David is writing. Peter David is one of my all time favorite comic writers. He sticks with a series for a long time, brings out the character's best qualities while making them his own. I've read the last two issues of Amazing and the characters are somehow different from what I remember. They just Friendly was right on target. David really seems to have handled the major status changes quite well, but this is just one issue. I'm definitaly gonna stick around and see what happens. On Amazing I'm just waiting for Aunt May to die.

As for Sensational Spider-Man and Batman, I haven't read them yet. I have no idea who the creative team on Sensational is and I got because it's one of the "Back in Black" issues. Fuck it, let's see if this Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa handles Spider-Man as well as David. Batman was a random back issue that I got on a whim. I figured I'd start reading a few issues since I noticed that Grant Morrison was writing. This issue is written by John Ostrander though and the second part of a three parter. DOH!

Well, I told myself I'd pick up at least a few comics here and there and it's kinda hard after a four year absence. So far it looks like DC has the best books on the market but I think the overall market for quality books is well below where it was a few years ago. Everything is so driven by editorial mandates that it seems few writers and books can shine by themselves on their own merits. It's all about events, events and more events. It's almost like some kinda weird corporate socialism and each company is driving forward its own five year plan. Not surprising, I guess, since the whole industry has been in decline for 15 years now.


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