Monday, July 14, 2008

Electronic hauling

Aaaanndddd, here's what has come in the mail this past week.

Not too bad. I ordered the Ultimate Spider-Man hardcovers through the Amazon Marketplace. I actually ordered the first three volumes, but I'm still waiting on volume three. The sellers for volumes one and two, Michellebookseller and Mitzfish Media, both were very quick. the thid, Palinode Books, seem to be taking their time. They only give shipping confirmations on orders of $15 dollars or more, which kinda sucks. Presumably it's already been shipped.

I'm also expecting an order from Amazon proper Monday afternoon of Grant Morrison's Seven Soldiers of Victory series. I was reading a thread last night on Amazon asking opinions on the worst series people have ever read and, unfortunately, a few people answered this series. Huh. Looks like I'll find out this afternoon.

Until then, what I wanna do is go home, finish my back yard (that's another post for another day), watch Hellboy with a glass of wine and relax.


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