Sunday, August 27, 2006

Holy crap...

...I talked to an iFriend!

He had a voice!

He might just be more then a figment of my crazed imagination!

And goddamn but did he ever have the thickest accent I ever heard!

And then he said I have an accent?


Wow, that was interesting. I've talked to iFriends before but this was a real shock. Thick accent plus shitty phone meant me going saying "what" a lot. "What? Say that again? One more time?" If the fate of the world hinged on me being able to understand one simple and short conversation then right now we would all be herded together by our new Martian masters and vaporized by their mighty heat rays. There's your earth shattering kaboom!

Oh yes, we must do this again sometime. I promise not to subject you to the sleepy Muzak again too.


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