Thursday, October 05, 2006

Super 8

Yes, I finally got the job and will be working there Sundays and Mondays during the graveyard shift. I went their for three hours Monday night after talking to the owner that day. Complete waste of a drive by the way, 20 minutes for a conversation that lasted five. Anyway, it's the same system I worked with at Best Western, but the clientele is ten times more degenerate. Okay, I imagined doing six months there. Fuck it, I'll stay until the end of the year and that's it. It might be slow when I'm there, but there's no fuckin way I'll be able to deal with that kinda scum for longer then that. Ah well, everything else is fairly simple. Sit on your ass, check in guests, mop the floor, set up breakfast, leave. I can dig it. The owner told me he wanted to pupt in a new system but I'm imagining that won't happen until after New Years. I imagine. I have no real reason to know that beyond the fact that they just took ownership of the place.

Also, George is taking off for greener pastures. So he'll only be there a couple of more weeks and then vamoose. He'll still be filling in for me at night here at the Hampton though.

Well, anyway, it's back to teh seven days a week thing for a little while. The other reason I want to leave at the end of the year is simply cause I've enjoyed my weekend. I've liked being able to sit on my ass eating Hot Pockets and watching Star Trek and smoke like a chimney and read. Awesome.

Edit: Ah, nevermind. George is gonna stick around at Super 8 depending on how his new job as a surveyor works out. Or at least until the hectic hours kill him. Damn, dude, that's pretty freakin inspirational!


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