Sunday, October 01, 2006

Super 8 news

I go in for an interview Monday at noon to see if I can get this new part-time job. George says it's basically mine but the owner just wants to meet me first. Either way, I'm treating this as a regular interview. I guess I'll just go in and tell him exactly what's up and why I want the job. I've always been horrible at interviews so I guess I'll just be as candid as possible. Ya know, talk up my experience, talk about how I basically just need an extra source of income and only intend on being there for a finite period of time lasting not much longer then six months. I hope he appreciates honesty.

The only problem is I gotta go to freakin Los Fresnos. Wonderful. Diesel is still $2.45 a gallon here. I better get this damn job if at least to recoup my costs in gas. Well, it's not hard to find, but the drive is kinda far. I'm more worried about trying to look nice for the interview then anything else. My hair in the mornings is always a freakin mess. It doesn't help that I really need a haircut.

Well, first interview in three years. Wish me luck!


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