Saturday, October 14, 2006

YouTube and squirrel videos.

Okay, so anyone following politics and shit like that will know that YouTube has been catching hell for censoring right-wing and anti-jihadi videos. Most infamously was when Michelle Malkin got it in the ass. That sweet, sweet, filipino ass. Mmmmmmmmmm.....Oh, where was I?

Oh, yeah, YouTube. Okay, as much as I think that's all bullshit, there are other sites to go to, like Guba and Go Fish. YouTube might be the biggest but it's not the only one out there.

But I have a problem with YouTube now. With political shit, they're censoring things most people probably aren't watching to begin with. Really, most of those videos are only watched by harcore political junkies. The rest is used to watch strip teases, South Park clips and shitty anime music videos.

But what about when you feel the urge to see a squirrel get slingshotted over a balcony?

Like this one? Apparently shit like this is flagged down and you have to log in to verify you are 18 or older. You have to be 18 to watch a rodent get slung a few feet? Are you fucking kidding me? Hey, I like me some cute cuddly squirrels as well, but come on! That shit was funny! And check those comments, utterly retarded. Physical threats and threats of police action...over a rodent? Well, it's obvious what types are flagging this video. Crazy, whacked out Greenies. Seriously, when was squirrel tossing ever a political issue?

Ditto on this one.

And that was even more benign.

Seriously, what is up with YouTube? Now censoring political videos is one thing, but censoring videos of squirrels getting trapped? Now I'm calling bullshit on YouTube. That's exactly what YouTube exists for! Community? Bullshit! It's all about watching stupid fat girls fall over their bikes.

YouTube really needs to look over their policies and then pull their head outta their ass. Videos of IEDs exploding in Iraq are fine while squirrel tossing is not? Hhhhmmmm.....I sense a problem here. It would seem that YouTube has no real oversight policies. Instead of taking the time to look over flagged videos, they just stamp them as objectionable content automatically. Anyone in their right mind would realize squirrel tossing is hardly objectionable, unless you're a PETA type. It's PC bullshit, lets don't offend the tree huggers or they'll send the ELF to burn our offices.

The way I see it there are only two kinds of videos that need to be flagged. Videos of an extreme sexual content (obviously), and any "Faces of Death" type shit. Really, that's it. Everything else is pretty fair game. So why is YouTube being so fucking stupid and basically making people go to their competition?


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