Thursday, October 12, 2006

Brand New Sin - Tequila

So I got this in Tuesday from Century Media Distribution. Overall first impression?

It's okay. Not as good as Recipe For Disaster was, mostly due to the fact that Recipe was catchier and had more bluesy numbers. Tequila is a pretty good rockingalbum but I miss those bluesy cowboy numbers which Brand New Sin does so well. There is a swell cover of House of the Rising Sun at the end though. Right now I've only listened to it once and need to sit down with it again. Woulda done it today but I got absorbed by the Yankees pitcher plowing himself and his plane into some guy's apartment. Then I had to pick up cat food.

Cat needs food ya know.

Damn, guess it'll be a while now that I think of it. I'm hoping to wake up at a good hour so I can do my backyard. It's getting almost bastardly long again. Well, unless it rains, in which case I'm screwed. God, don't I sound like a communist business owner? "No sir, we couldn't meet production at the mine, it was raining all this month!"

But I digress. My score for the new Brand New Sin at this time? About 6/10.


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