Monday, November 27, 2006

Casino Royale

Awesome movie! I saw it Sunday night and, judging from what I saw, it was the best of the James Bond movies that I've seen (nevermind I only saw the first three Pierce Brosnan Bonds).

Alas, about forty minutes into it my bowels went apeshit and I missed a sizeable portion of the film. Damn shame, the second half would been better had I known what the hell was going on. Still, great action scenes. The chase in the beginning was very exciting with some nice (not so) subtle use of wire-fu action. Daniel Craig (or whatever his bloody name is) really did well by the role. The media's constant character assassination pretty much proves that they know jack shit. Craig isn't Connery, but he's definitaly better then Brosnan (who was great in Goldfinger...not so much in the three that followed).

I got home and watched part of Die Another Day. Comparing that and Casino Royale is like comparing a chicken fried steak to a Big Mac. Bond is best when it's not all about gadgets and cars and snappy one liners and various and assorted nonsense. Die Another Day was like watching a comic book on film. Way too out there. Casino Royale seems like it could have almost actually happened. Lots of cool spy shit, lots of straight ahead action, not a lot of stuff requiring a complete suspension of disbelief, ya know? I mean, it's an action movie, yeah, but Die Another Day had a guy who couldn't sleep wearig gloves that gave him super powers ferchrisssakes. A complete lack of that in Casino Royale, thankfully.

And that's exactly where they need to take the Bond franchise. Less gadgetry, moer intrigue and ass whippins.

Of course Bond seems to be best when they're introducing new actors to the role. Pierce Brosnan kicked ass in Goldfiner. Craig kicked ass in Casino Royale. Hell, the first one, Dr. No made Ayn Rand cream herself, so that speaks volumes. Maybe they should do limits. Instead of keeping actors on indefinitaly, they should do no more then two. Keep things fresher that way. Or maybe introduce some continuity. Make the movies as two parters or trilogies instead of one off movies.

But I do go on.

In short, great movie. I highly recommend it.


Blogger andy said...

Wait. You've never seen Dr. No? From Russia with Love? Goldfinger? Get thee to a movie rental/purchasing establishment forth with.

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