Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Ya know what helps deal with a cold?


Got my box in today from Rightstuf. Sweet! I was kinda surprised to find Rightstuf had packaged two orders in one box. Not that they haven't done it once before, but that was with a really tiny order. It occured to me this morning they might do that. I was thinking why, when I got both shipping confirmations at the same time, one had a valid USPS tracking number and the other didn't. And lo, I was right! I was kinda screwed in a way though. Rightstuf offers free shipping for any order over $49 dollars. Well, the combined order was $70 some odd dollars. However, one part of the shipment represented an order that did not qualify for free shipping. So I got stiffed for shipping. No matter, I take advantage of those policies all the time. The other item represented part of an order with like ten items and was a hundred and...well a lot. Anyway, the item itelf was only about $23 bucks or so and the rest of that order was sent in shipments of like one or two volumes at a time. All with free shipping. Man, I am one one freakin canny consumer.

So where was I? Right! Swag!

The Fullmetal Alchemist movie set looks really good. It's the special edition with bonus disc and hardcover booklet. I thought the book was seperate but it's actually part of the package and layed out like the booklets that came with each volume of the TV series. After that it's all bundled in a slipcase and looks tight. There's a series of picture cards too. It harkens back to the postcard fad amongst distributors. They would release postcards as bonuses with videos that no one would ever actually send. This is a little more honest I guess.

Tenchi Muyo: Ryo-Ohki volume three comes in a very nice looking tin collector's case and is fucking sweet! I've been disappointed by the series overall but at least it'll be a handsome disappointment now. I still need to watch the final episode so here's hoping it wraps up well.

Case Closed comes in a standard chipboard box with a design reminiscent of the season one box. It collects "cases" two and three across four volumes which is cool. This volume collects some of my favorite early episodes of the series. The series still did mostly stand alone episodes at this point but there is a two parter which I like involving a murder at a reunion. It's one of the better stories in the early episodes that attempts to give one of the goofier characters a little more depth and works really well.

Awesome. I'm coughing, hacking, wheezing, congested, can hardly breathe and my back hurts but this more than makes up for things. Also I gotta love Rightstuf for shipping two of those DVDs a week early before their release dates. Beats the living hell out of retail!


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