Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Stupid election


I'm torn three ways.

I can default to my party and vote for James Werner of the Libertarian Party.

I can vote for someone who kinda comes close to where I am and has a slightly better chance of winning and vote for Carole Keeton-Strayhorn.

Or I can toss out everything I hold dear and vote for the crazy Jew.

Okay, so for the Libertarian. I firmly believe in the classical liberal principles of the Libertarian party. It doesn't matter to me who's running, but I feel I should vote on principle and James Werner is the guy presently representing my beliefs.

Carole Keeton-Strayhorn is an independent Republican. She's vague, but as Comptroller she is a bit of a tightass. Fiscal conservatives are the nearest best thing to libertarians.

Kinky Friedman. A populist. I don't much like populists cause they're just unprincipled. And boy is Kinky ever unprincipled! I mean his is the biggest mishmash of common sense conservatism and big spending liberalism I ever saw! But he is crazy. Crazy is good! He'd be hated by everybody! Government standstill! Nothign is done! Surely you can't get much more libertarian then that?!?


I just don't know.

All I really know is that Rick Perry and Chris Bell can go fuck themselves!


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