Saturday, November 04, 2006

A wonderfully busy day

I want to see Borat. Unfortunately, only now, do I know it's not coming down here. SUCK! Anyway, Thursday I call Andy, one of my best friends who I never see anymore, to see if he knows anything and if he's going to the movies Friday. I find out he's moving the store! Holy shit, okay, well, this is good I think. So he's moving the store cause the owners of the building he is in offer a bigger space for the same rent. Sweet deal, I can understand why he would go for it. Lucky I found out just in time or else I would never know. Great, I tell him I'll be there Friday afternoon cause he's got a buncha big shit to move.

There musta been a miscommunication though cause I was under the impression he had been moving since Tuesday and he had started the day I called. Damn, I thought he was just taking his time. Or if he had freakin called me to let me know he was moving I'd been over in two seconds helping out. Ah, it's cool though. Anyway, I found out just in time to at least help get the big shit out of the way. It really didn't take that long. Got the big glass case out easier then I expected. That thing is a bitch and a half to move. Chucky nearly killed himself getting squished underneath the filing cabinet. Hell, I knew I shoulda got that for him. Ah well, he was alright. Really the biggest pain in the ass was those big wooden backing...things...whatever ya call 'em...that Andy uses to display his comics. Yeah, large and heavy. I wish I had brought my work gloves.

Otherwise I think getting everything moved took less then 45 minutes. Went very very fast. Everything else? Organizing? Setting shit up? Andy is very particular and I'm not the best decorator in the world so I think it's better I stay outta there way for that. Store's mostly layed out already so there's not much I could do anyway.

So why was it wonderful? Damn, I haven't seen these guys in over a month! It was great seeing them again. That's always good!


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