Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Sweet, new Megadeth single!

Gears of War

I don't think it's a finished version production wise, but it sounds pretty good. Some folks on the Mike Portnoy board said it sounded like Countdown era 'Deth. I dunno, maybe towards the ending but not so much. I'd have to give it more listens but I think they might be close. Like a cross between Cowntdown and Youthanasia. Maybe. Heavy, but not thrashy. It's a shame Dave couldn't keep Poland on board, though. Goddamn, that guy really turned System into a motherfucker of an album.

Seems United Abominations is shaping up to be a good album. On the level of System? I dunno. I'm not getting my hopes up that high, really. It should be pretty enjoyable, regardless. Megadeth albums have a fairly unique feel with a clear evolution. However, due to fan demand, The World Needs A Hero proved to be a jarring departure from Risk when Mustaine tried to return the band to a thrashier sound. After that, the band entered a fairly chaotic time (Megadeth was ended briefly) but things did, thankfully, get back on track with The System Has Failed so hopefully this album will continue back along a more logical evolutionary path.


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