Tuesday, October 31, 2006

My pumpkin destroys you

I finally started carving my pumpkins. Obviously, pumpkins need to be carved kinda late otherwise they dry out and go rotten very quickly. Okay, so I decided to carve a design my good ifriend Yessie pointed out to me here. Yeah, awesome, isn't it? I liked it. Anyway, I decided I was gonna do it. So I grabbed the layout the designer posted on Flickr and gave it a whirl.

Man, that was hard.

It took me somewhere slightly under three hours to finish. I would have started carving sooner but I had to do my front lawn first. I've only ever done a designer pumpkin once before and it was a very simple one I got from VG Cats. (Scott Ramsoomair has another design on his site I wanna try as well, so 'm gonna have to buy another pumpkin when I get outta work.) So, going from very simple to insanely hard, how did I do? I did alright. I made a few mistakes. First, I didn't start out with the smaller, more intricate parts of the design. I forgot that once large pieces arwe cut out it makes it harder to do the smaller bits. I realized this eventually but not until after making a couple of minor screw ups. Okay, so I start doing the teeth. Wow, hard shit. I fucked up and the look...well, so long as you don't look directly at them they look okay. I really blew it at one point and cut off a piece that I needed and lost the definition between the far left lower tooth and the lip. However, a well placed (and shaved down) toothpick helped me fix things and thankfully doesn't looks quite so bad. Some of the fleshy bits above the (my) right eye came off as well. More tothpickig needed. That killed me, cause I though I had just ruined it at that point and my pumpkin had already sustained too much damage. Also, part of the face is not actually attached to anything anymore and in a precarious position that I fixed it in. Not a solvable situation. I just had to gently move it into place and pray for the best. I hope that it lasts until tomorrow night before really breaking down on me.

Overall, for all my mistakes, it actually looks pretty good. Some areas might need a little more definition but honestly it looks really good, especially cosidering I've never done something so difficult before. The top half does look better then the bottom half, but if you look at it right in the eyes it looks pretty awesome. I'm quite proud. My pumpkin, for all its flaws, reigns supreme over all. You shall worship it as your god. I have spoken.

Just too bad I don't have a picture otherwise I would post it.

The experience taught me two things. First, I need more practice. I had a hard time carving straight. I should realize by now that, like writing, you shouldn't do it with your wrist. Sadly, that's how I write. Secondly, I need better tools. Mine are okay, I buy these little carving kits every years and have this giant Ziploc bag with ten years of carving tools. They make things easier, but they aren't perfect. They're made for amateurs. But it's really not so much the tools as it is the skills. Too bad Halloween only comes once a year in that case.

I'm gonna pick up another pumpkin or two in the morning for sure. Scott Ramsoomair has a couple of funny designs I wanna use. Also I need to do a traditional scary pumpkin face design. Can't go wrong with that!

Yes, I do indeed kick ass.


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