Thursday, March 29, 2007

Can't a man just quit?

Aside from last week when I thought I would be spending all day in a court room waiting and needing to stay awake I've been pretty much without a cigarette for almost a couple of months. Great! Wonderful!

Except now I'm inundated with coupons in the mail. Got a bunch from Marlboro for like $1.75 off. And now, Wednesday, I got a bunch that were buy one get one free or three dollars off and so on. Christ, they fucking want me to smoke! Who the fuck am I to say no? Hell, Camel even had an offer for a free Zippo lighter. Free Zippo! Of course I took them up on it and went to the site. Eight to ten weeks!

I'm succumbing to peer pressure here. And the urge for smokes is strong! Oral fixation...needs...satisfying!


Blogger Juan said...

Tabacco is strong with the Dark Side of the Force. Be mindful of your feelings young padewan. Remember, a coupon leads to discounts, and discounts lead to free lighters. And free lighters lead to Chain Smoking. Such is the path to the Dark Side.

3:57 AM  

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