Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern

Man, I love this show.

Seriously, Andrew Zimmern is fucking nuts. I hope he's paid well.

Always interesting to see different cultures. I think foreign food is probably what interests people about foreign cultures. Everything else is basically the same in the broadest terms, but food is always different. Zimmern finds some really crazy shit.

I was watching part of the episode with him in Manila. Funny shit. Deep fried baby chickens. Deep friend whole eggs (plain or fertilized).


Ice cream on a bun!

What the fuck!

I once made a cookie sandwich when I was seven years old, but ice cream on a bun is just not something I would ever contemplate. Lots of things on that show I would never contemplate, but that's just cause I never heard of most of the ingredients. Ice cream I know. Hamburger buns I know. Somehow putting the two together? Ha ha! No.

Also, his knowledge of the different kinds of testicles is disturbing. Highly disturbing. I was watching him on some other show as a guest and he was talking about the finer points of testicles and I was just...aghast. I vow to never...NEVER...have a working knowledge of the tastes and textures of testicles and how they're best served. I'm not saying I'll never eat any. I mean, shit, what if there's money on the line or something? Plus, watching this show, there's just stranger shit out there.

Zimmern confuses the hell out of me. I'll never understand how a man so obviously gay can have such a hot wife. He sets off my gaydar, but it doesn' line. It's borderline, but it's not quite there. Maybe it's all those testicles he eats. The gaydar is a primitive instict and apparently it, or at least mine, is not evolved enough to differentiate between having a taste of a man's balls in your mouth and, say, having sheep's balls in your mouth. I mean, balls in your mouth is balls in your mouth.

The one thing that I dislike about the show is that Zimmern actually reviews what he eats. Dude, I don't give a shit. I'm never eating 99.9999% of the stuff they show, I don't care. All I want to see is crazy ass, bizarre food and then I want to see Zimmern eat it. If he wants to say, "Oh, these are some tasty testicles," or, "This pickled camel asshole is pretty rotten," ya know, that's fine. I don't want a full blown review as if I'm actually gonna walk down the street and grab this shit to go. The tastes and textures he describes are not something me or I imagine most people will ever experience. That's where it gets a little boring. Regardless, it's cool shit to see him hit up these open air markets and just ask for the craziest thing he can find.

He's like the anti-Alton Brown he is.


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