Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I Survived a Japanese Game Show

I didn't think I would like this show. It's surprisingly entertaining.

It's basically Survivor in Japan. Instead of being on a jungle Island, they're being humiliated in Tokyo.

Being a bit of a Japanophile, it's always interesting to see Japanese culture. If for any other reason cause they're all fucking insane.

There is a couple of contests per show. The cast is broken up into two teams and the losing team is forced to send two people into an elimination challenge. Whoever loses the elimination challenge is kicked off the show.

The challenges are, of course, completely stupid and degrading but kills the Japanese audience. Tonight they had members of each team run up a conveyor belt so a designated member could eat this gooey, sticky shit out of a bowl on their heads. After the designated eater would grab a piece, the runner would fall on the conveyor belt and flung into a giant sandbox filled with flour.

The elimination challenge involved two of the contestants dressing up as giant flies, jumping on a trampoline and splatting themselves against a wall in order to get a little disc onto one of three targets, each with various point values.

The audience cracked the fuck up.

The contests are pretty cute, but nothing like the really fucked up shit you can see online. No women faking orgasms so a guy can guess which one is really getting their vulva tickled. No slaps to the balls. OH shit, I just found this one! It's still pretty amusing though.

Now for the cast.

Jesus Christ! Could they not find worse examples of obnoxious Americans? Fuck, these are the kind of travelers that foreigners really fucking hate. Everyone is a stereotype, everyone is loud and every one of them is simply embarassing this country. Really, if they would just lay off the obnoxious behavior, that would go a long way in a society as demure and polite as Japan. (Well, demure and polite despite the really fucked up game shows.) Of course, they're not, cause they're all fucking stupid. It's a reality show, so they have to make sure theyn get the most obnoxious personalities they can find.

If the show doesn't get old fast, it might actually be worth watching. I'd love to have an opportunity to run around Japan, even if it meant looking like a fool every now and then. The team that lost the first challenge were made to work some rickshaws for a while. That was pretty cool. Harder then it looks, apparently. Very difficult to balance. But then again, those contestants are a bunch of whiny pussies. I could do it.

So, not bad. I thought it would be a lot worse.

Sadly, I missed Wipe Out. Or maybe not sadly, but I wanted to see what a travesty it would be. If this show was good, maybe Wipe Out wasn't nearly that bad either. Next week I guess.


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