Friday, June 06, 2008

Buffy The Vampire Slayer #15

Wolves at the Gate part four, the conclusion.

I had to re-read the whole arc and Drew Goddard really knocked it out of the park for me. The whole thing with Buffy and Satsu, Xander and Renee, Xander and Dracula...Goddard really knows what notes to play and which strings to pull. This arc, beginning to end, was a great ride and I hope that he's back again down the line.

The issue opens with Renee's dying throughts as the action explodes around her. It's no bullshit time for Buffy and her girls as things have gone FUBAR really fast.

It's the climax so it's all action pretty much. We see some daring, we see some characters really learn to take charge, and we get a couple of fuck yeah moments. Dracula is the fucking man in this issue. Seriously, that Joss Whedon only ever did the one episode with that guy is a shame. Cause this story has kicked more ass with that guy alone. I better turn to something else before I get gay for Dracula.

Dawn has a great moment in this issue. She's been pretty useless and whiny in this series, but she gets a small moment to act like a leader and rally the Slayers in their assault on the headquarters of these Japanese vampires. It does get a little over the top with the Mecha-Dawn, but the fun Goddard has with it is evident.

Overall, the story is great, the action is awesome thanks to Georges Jeanty who also really knows how to sell those emotional moments.

I don't knwo that I can go much into this story and this issue beyond saying "it's awesome" a thousand times over. Goddard brought great, hysterical moments to this book and measured doses of major tragedy. Great heroics and light character drama. In short, any opportunity to pick up this arc should be taken.


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