Thursday, June 05, 2008

Justice Society of America #16

Oh wow.

Oh wow!

This is part one of the new story, One World, Under Gog and I'm surprised to say this but this is the first time in a long time where I've been able to say that this comic has left me wanting more. After the events of the last issue we're finally introduced to the Gog of the Third World and this guy is impressive. He's about sixty feet tall, happy and he's coming in peace. Wait, that didn't come out, anyway, so the JSA, like me, is stuck wondering what the hell is up with this guy? Dude blasts away the other, littler Gog at the end of the last issue and we can't quite figure him out. But here he is, marveling at the world around him and gently playing with a small flock of birds flying around his finger tips. The reactions of the JSA range from astonished and speechless to incredulous and skeptical. What they all want is proof of this guy's intentions so when Gog wanders over to a little village suffering the affects of a recently erupted volcano and starts performing miracles, again, some are amazed while others are completely pissed off. One issue in to this new story and I'm...kinda pissed that I'm dropping it! It looks to be a parable about faith and reason, but with an actual god in the mix and not a high minded intangible concept.

We see Gog's origin as he was expelled from the Third World for opposing a war that was going on between the old gods (that probably made way for the Fourth World). So, dying, he's basically cocooned in magma, worshipped as a god and his powers channeled into a staff until the guy that became the little Gog came along and took it to make way for Big Gog's return. Alright, alright, cool. Some JSAers still think he's playing games and the issue ends with Gog heals Damage's face.

Like I said, this was just a fun issue to read. The art by Fernando Pasarin was very good, giving an actual sense of motion to the panels and not just doing the jarring static images that Dale Eaglesham does (he also continues the tradition of drawing Power Girl as Power Whore...seriously, no woman in her right mind would leave her vulva exposed as Power Girl does). Introducing Gog as a curiosity was a nice touch as it brought me down to the same level the JSA were the entire issue and leaves you anticipating the next issue to see where Gog's intentions lay.

ALSO! A very cool interlude with Black Adam. Black Adam makes everything better. True fact!

Would I recommend this issue? Yes, yes I would! It's the kind of JSA story that I've been waiting too damn long to read and it's really cool, pick it up.


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