Sunday, June 15, 2008

There's something about Target...

...That compels me to spends about three times as much as I intend to.

So we stop by for a few simple things. Cat litter, a giant box of Kleenex, deodorant, scotch tape...shit we could get at HEB but really use as an excuse to go and window shop.

What turned into a $20 dollar trip ends up as a $60 dollar trip.

So we ended up getting some little animated flip book for my niece (some deal where turning the page moves some slats to animate some image, in this case various animals), a softcover copy of Christopher Buckley's Boomsday for Mom and a $7 dollar copy of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Fucking capitalism!

And on top of that some Lindt chocolate truffles and a 12 pack of Jones Soda.



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