Monday, June 02, 2008

Blue Beetle #27

Will Pfeifer guest writes this month. I'm very happy that it's written in English this month. Thank God, I could actually understand it! It feels like it's been two months since I read the last issue, unfortunately, cause the most I could really do was flip through last month's. Well, since it's a one off story, not much actually happens. Will Pfeifer, who wrote Amazons attack, actually wrote something that didn't suck outright. The basic story is that red devils of increasing size and strength are attacking random individuals. The stronger the devils become, the less Blue Beetle can do to fight them as the Scarab's powers are ineffective against magic. Turns out the devils are being created and sent out by three losers in a basement in the suburbs. Yeah, I know, it was basically the plot to the sixth season of Buffy. But really, it wasn't too bad. While Blue Beetle basically does clean up duty, keeping people from getting killed and the like, his girly girl, Traci 13, hits up her dad's mystic library to search for clues to who the demons are and how to stop them. Eventually, she stumbles on some old D&D type books that she realizes were used to summon the demons and tracks their magic signature back to them. Turns out to be three losers going after the people who dumped them, fired them, gave them bad grades.* Needless to say, the ending was a cop out with Traci showing them visions of panel. It ends with Jaime lamenting his powerlessness against mystical creatures. Overall, not bad, but not great either. It's filler between arcs and creators, so really nothing to complain about. If you like Blue Beetle, it's an okay read. If you've never read the book, I wouldn't call this a jumping on point and I would say wait until July. Next month, Pfeifer continues filling in until Matthew Sturges takes over and, judging by the description on Comixology, politicizes the book. Damn, glad I'm dropping the book after the June issue in that case. Blue Beetle has been best as a legacy character with fun and straight forward adventure stories. Trying to make it relevent will kill the book.

*The final attack by the final demon is on an English teacher. Spanish language issue...attacking English teachers...What next, is Blue Beetles new catch phrase going to be Viva La Raza?


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