Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Buy totally fucked me

Yes they did.

Got a package in the mail today which, considering the size, I thought was the corrected edition of Ultimate Spider-Man volume six that I've been expecting.

Nnnnnoooooooooooottttt quite.

I had made a huge order last week.  Ultimate Spider-Man 7-9, Batman & Son (first part of Grant Morrison's run), Whiteout: Melt and Annihilation: Conquest volume two.  Well, it seems when the package was dropped off in Jersey City, the whole goddamn package must have disintegrated.  So I got one book out of the six I ordered, Batman & Son.  Seems the United States Postal Service was kind enough to put that book in a manilla envelope, slapped the original tracking label on their and sent it on its merry way.  What happened to the other books in the order, I don't know.  Why they were able to find one thin volume and not at least four others of considerably greater size is a mystery.

I can tell you the reason for the package imploding was because of...Buy.com.  I really like Buy, I really do.  They have great prices on books.  Collecting comic book TPBs and hardcovers, Buy.com is an excellent resource for new shit.  But this the second time in a row where something has gone wrong with an order.  I can't really blame them for the first time, they wouldn't have known any better (though I am still waiting for the new copy), but it's a bad omen.  This time, I can. 

Buy's problem is they package books for shit.  The first time I ordered something from them (Planet Hulk and Annihilation volumes two and three I believe), the package wasn't taped properly at all.  It was a flat piece of cardboard, end flaps folded over then side flaps folded on top, taped only at the point those two flaps met.  If it weren't for the fact that the end flaps were so long, the books could have gone flying out.  Not that they couldn't have, it's a miracle that package came in one piece.  Other packages have come in in poor condition as well, usually just beat to hell but indicating poor manufacturing (never have to wonder how Buy saves its money).  This isn't always the case, but it seems to be the case a great deal of the time. 

This is a first for me.  I've gotten defective shit and wrong items before, hazards of ordering online, but you would think a company would make sure to ship items in packaging capable of making the trip.  This one didn't even make it past the point of origin!

I suppose it could be the fault of the USPS.  Could very well be.  Someone could have used it to play an impromptu game of hockey on the warehouse floor.  Insane howler monkeys could have gotten loose or an employee with a bizarre sexual fetish involving weighty media mail shipments could have violated the integrity of the package.  However, the USPS, being a government owned business, is officially never responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items.  Shit.

So I email Buy and await a response.  It's not how a company fucks up that determines the quality of the customer service, it's how they resolve the fuck ups.


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