Sunday, August 24, 2008

Finished Empire of Blue Water

Damn, what an awesome book. Took me forever. Not long, I just have to be struck by the urge, otherwise I won't concentrate.

Next book up?

Well, ended up going to Logan's Roadhouse tonight (it's so-so) and stopped by Waldenbooks at the mall to get Mom something to read. Ended up getting myself a little something as well. I still have a ton of other books I should read, but Professor Reynolds goes on and on about this guy, John Scalzi. So I picked up Old Man's War.

Not usually one for sci-fi, but when I've heard this guy is the bastard child of Jesus and Heinlein, I figure, shit, why not give it a try?

The concept is an interesting one. A 75 year old retiree who's wife has just died enlists in the Army and is given a brand spanking new young body. The deal is, fight for Earth for scarce habitable planets for two years and retire to a homestead on one of these worlds. The catch is he can never return to Earth. Sounds cool.


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