Thursday, September 14, 2006

Now for the interesting trailers

So with Hoollywoodland I saw some cool trailers.

Flyboys looks fucking awesome! Dean Devlin film. No Emmerich? Too bad. I like this guy's shit. He makes entertaining stuff. A World War I movie about biplane fighter pilots? I'm game.

The Last King of Scotland. A movie about a Scottish guy in Uganda during the rise of Idi Amin and his murderous regime. Cool.

Children of Men. A dystopian sci-fi tale about the world's women becoming infertile, the decline of the human race and the fall of all civilizations. If done right this movie could be huge. I'm gonna be realistic and say it might be so so with a lot of missed opportunities to be great but the concept is intriguing.

Another one which, I believe is called Catch A Fire and looks to be set in South Africa and involves terrorism. According to NPR it seems to be about Nelson Mandela but if it seems to glorify terrorism in the way the trailer makes it seem I might end up skipping out on this one. Still, I'll be watching out for the reviews to play it safe.

God how I've missed going to the movies.


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