Saturday, September 09, 2006

Things are looking up...I think

So it looks like I might be getting a new part-time job soon. Maybe.

Seems my bud George, who shall remain anonymous, who fills in for me while I'm gone, has heard that the chick who fills in for him at his regular job at Super 8 might be taking off to work at a hotel on the Island. If so he might be able to hook me up with a job filling in for him while he fills in for me. Sweet! More money! I like that idea.

Not that this hasn't had me thinking. I have enjoyed the time off I've gotten since getting canned from Best Western. Not that I've done much but I have been able to do small things like go to the movies and lay around all afternoon while watching repeats of Star Trek's The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine on Spike. Great, but utterly wasted time. It is nice being able to, for two days anyway, have semi-regular daytime hours with the rest of society. I actually got to sleep at night! You get used to sleeping with the sun in your eyes after a while but 16 straight months of it gets tedious. However, I have also been able to take care of things around the house like...doing the lawn. Christ, that shit gets ridiculous. It can't be done so well in the mornings and by the time I wake up it's far too late in the evening. Having a couple of days off to take care of it has been helpful. Working seven days a week again will make that a bit more difficult.

Also there is the matter of pay. I'm not expecting matching pay with what I make at Hampton. I'm not even really expecting to make what I made at Best Western. But anything less then $6.00 dollars an hour I don't think is really worth it. Best Western brought in an extra $400 bucks a month so I think somewhere in the range of $350 bucks a month from another part-time wouldn't be too much to ask. Anything else would be a waste of time and I'd be happier with my days off. True, more money is more money, but I need to measure that against the need for time off.

Also, I might not want to stay there past the end of the year. Like I said, I alredy did the seven days a week thing for 16 months and while it was nice it did get tedious. I'll just see what happens. Hell, I only thought I would be at Best Western for no more then three or four.

Of course I have to get the job first. Most hotel employers here just hire whoever their other employees recommend. Pretty much everyone who works here at the Hampton started that way, barring me and my front desk manager as we were hired before the place opened. I got hired at the Best Western cause I knew the then general manager, and so on and so forth. So in that regard I do seem to have an inside track. However I would still need to interview, something I've never been particularly good at. I would hope my record at Hampton would be able to speak for me. "Hello, I'm Robert, if you want to know more about me call my boss." Well I wish it were that easy.

Overall I'm nervous about the potential of getting sucked into the monotony of a seven day a week work schedule, but excited about the prospect of making more money. I've gone though all the pros and cons in my head and all I can do right now is throw my name out there and wait and see.


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