Monday, October 09, 2006

I definitaly feel like I'm working at a Motel Sex

Man, this job is boring and the lighting is horrible.

Yep, this is a love motel. It's nice and ut of the way and cheap enough for a quick lay. It's new enough that it's not that low class. Yet.

I had six or seven check-ins and I think they were all here to do blow and get laid. Well, except for the four old guys who looked like drunken hunters but they might have been hoping to have a little uh, "Lemon Party" for all I know. I stand by my decision to stay here until the end of the year.

Other then that, I watched Star Trek with no interupption. Well, okay, I was setting up parts of breakfast but that's about it. City on the Edge of Forever. Good one. It seems the first wave of remasters are all, or mostly all, the best episodes. We've had The Naked Time, Trouble With Tribbles, the one with the Romulans and the one with the Horta...I wonder what's next week? I hope the producers realize not every episode was a winner, we need something to look forward to seeing.

Man, this is a boring night.


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