Monday, October 23, 2006

Headache - Writer's commentary

Okay, so let me explain about the story. Since this might make me super famous and shit and I'll become all famous and better then everyone I think I should explain where I'm coming from in this story.

First, I guess I should talk about the inspiritation. Mostly, I pulled it outta my ass.

Alright, next question. What was I going for? Well, I was going for something moody and unsettling. I think I might have failed miserably, but you can only do so much in 99 words. Exactly 99 words. I hand counted them like ten freaking times and missed the beginning of Star Trek. Fuck word processors, machines are creations of humans and thus flawed! I can count as well as any computer. But I digress. Okay, so something unsettling and disturbing. A quiet horror. I coulda gone on I think. But I think it came out as well as it could have. Being a shitty writer, it took me up until tonight to figure out what kind of story I wanted to tell. The only thing I knew I wanted was a first person narrative told after the fact. First I wanted zombies, then maybe some HG Lovecraft type thing, then maybe zombies in space picked up by aliens...well, everything I thought of was too long, or what could be considered a rip-off of Alien. Shit, okay, deadline looming. I know, a strangulation! Damn, but I feel proud of myself.

Okay, so I mostly pulled it outta my ass. What little was inspired by what? First, the headache thing. Remember the dude that climbed the bell tower at UT and picked off a buncha people with a high powered sniper rifle? Well, as I understand it, he had a tumor pressing in some area of his brain that drove him fucking nuts. Apparently it stimulated the part of the brain that makes a guy want to climb a university bell tower and pick people off with a high powered sniper rifle. I think he had headaches. Hence, the constant headache. I figure that a tumor can stimulate the part of teh brain that makes one want to strangle your chairwoman of the board when business is bad.

Now I know what you're thinking. Dude strangled a woman? Damn man, that's some harsh misogyny shit going down. And my reply is...fuck yes! The strangling of females in power is a way to vent my anger at the fat lesbian whore who unjustly fired me from my part-time job this past summer. Among other things, I wanted to crush her throat with my bare hands. Not that I think I could have actually gotten my hands around her neck. I think I would have had to garrote her, really. But that's besides the point. The point is I hope she gets AIDS and dies. Until then, a fictional woman will have to die in her place.

Okay, here ends the director's commentary feature of our blog posting. Coming soon, the Headache director's cut with five paragraphs of new material and extensive making of features!


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