Thursday, October 19, 2006

Interesting Beeb story

BBC News.

My thoughts?


Really, who is this Oliver Curry asshole? He sounds more like Harlan Ellison than a real scientist. "We're all gonna be spoiled pets thanks to technology." Is that so? Seeing as how these "gadgets" he imagines will be spoiling us need to be built by someone I don't really see this happening. It's a massive leap in logic. We would need to assume that technology was so advanced machines could manufacture and upgrade themselves, or in other words they would need to become living machines. Too fanciful.

The rest is really unsupported, at least in the BBC story, and seems too self contradictory. We'll live to be 120 years, but we'll be preserving things like cancer along the way. Men will look more atheltic ut....people will look more juvenile? Okay, ya lost me there, doc. And the no chins thing in a thousand years? Okay, now I know this guy is just watching too much Futurama.

The only part I wanted to hear more about was having a bigger dick. Hey, having a bigger dick never hurt. And pert jugs. Bigger dicks and pert jugs. That's the future I wanna hear about.


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