Monday, October 30, 2006


Not that I ever really do much for Halloween, but I do like it anyway. 've always liked passing out candy. Hate kids, but I like giving out gobs of sugary shit. Go figure.

Been a few years since I last did that, mostly cause I was broke. Well, I sucked it up and went to Walmart this afternoon. Sweet, got lots of candy. Well, not lots, but I did get about $20 bucks worth. And, for some insane reason, a cheap copy of The Grudge. Hey, it was $7.50 and I never saw it! So I broke down. Though ya know, it cost the same as my ticket to see The Prestige. Go figuer that out! Fuck, I remember when DVDs were so horribly expensive. And they still are if you go to places like Sam Goody. Walmart and Target? They sell DVDs for cheaper then VHS ever was. Okay, so I broke down and bought a cheap DVD (which means I'll definitaly have to see The Grudge II). Then I got teacup candles for my pumpkins and everything, with tax, came to about $30 dollars. Not bad. A little moer then I was wanting to spend but I never expected to get a DVD either.

Shit, ya know, maybe I should have looked for The Ring instead. I did see that one and it kicked supreme ass. I want to see it again.

So I'll carve me pumpkins Monday night and see if I get any bastard children to come to my door Tuesday. I wonder if I bought too much candy cause kids hardly come down my neighborhood anymore. Last year was pathetic. The last Halloween was on a weekend night was pathetic as well. Isn't Halloween supposed to be like the second or third largest grossing American holiday? You wouldn't be able to tell that in this town. It's getting downright lame. Well, my particular neighborhood seems intent on discouraging trick or treaters and I haven't helped counter that these past few years. This year I'll either wind up with a shit load of extra candy or we'll get just enough kids that it'll all get gone. Hopefully...somewhere in between. I like munching leftover Halloween candy.

Then Wednesday morning I'll hit Walmart back up for super cheap Halloween candy that they need to get rid of. Sweet!

And I can already feel myself gaining fifty pounds.


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