Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Crimbleness

Ah, a pretty good couple of days.

We had the big dinner Christmas Eve. Or Festivus. Hell, I think I'm gonna start doing the Festivus thing. Most people do it the 23rd, but I think the 24th would be more appropriate. Now all I gotta do is get me an unadorned aluminum pole and I'm set. Don't wanna do the airing of grievances thing, cause that would go on too long.

So dinner was fantastic. Turkey, dressing...yummy. For me this was the most important thing. Thanksgiving turned into such a depressing affair that having everyone over was great. Yeah, even the jackass brother. It was great.

When I got to work though I was sleepy as all hell. Drank half of a huge pot of coffee in two hours. Man, I was wired all night long. Strangely enough, my mind was working faster then ever. I think I came up with a formula for world peace. Can't remember, everything's back in first gear again. On a side note I can officially say my attempts of mostly weaning myself off of caffeine seem to have been very successful! Normally drinking so much coffee wouldn't have bothered me.

So anywho, I got home, wrapped my gifts, threw them on the pile and...went to bed! Hell if I was gonna wait up until God knows when for the sister to wake up and the brother to get there. Took me a while to fall asleep though. Kinda hard actually sleepign when your eyes are closed but they're still darting back and forth from all that coffee. My mind wasn't racing so much by then but I still think I managed to come up with a new plan for a Republican victory in '08.

The family had all gone out to eat with dad on the Island so I got to sleep through the afternoon in peace and quiet. Loverly. I finally woke up about...six...ish. I think. I never actually get up when I wake up mind you so I'm not always sure. I finally had to get up when my sister started bouncing on my stomach so I could get up and open my gifts.

New sheets from mom, a $30 dollar gift card to the movies from the brother (I was surprised to find out he was actually getting me anything...must have a new girlfriend) and a copy of the complete first season of Lost from the sister and brother-in-law. Sweet! All good. Actually, mom also got me two packages of new boxer shorts. She's done this every year for the past few years. Only problem is she never gets the right size. She was kinda pissed when I told her to take them back. Even after I've told her for the past five years not to try to get me anything that would require her to guess my waist size she still does it. Go figure.

For them I got a vegetable steamer for the brother (he cooks a great deal apparently). For the sister I got some girly outfit. For the niece I got a Fraggle Rock doll and a little outfit. For the brother-in-law I...well I thought I was getting him a hunting jacket but it seems I just got him copies of Gettysburg and God & Generals. For mom, I went in on a new TV and watch.

It was all very nice. Strangely, the older I get the less I want to do with any of this. I do like the dinner, the lights, the social aspect, but it ends there really. Getting gifts for everyone is also nice, but I'd rather not have them get me anything. I guess it's cause I'd rather get myself stuff. I wonder how that came about? Benevolence mixed with extreme selfishness. *Ponders*

Well, once again I am tired as all hell. I'm gonna go have a smoke and start cleaning up. Merry Christmas!


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