Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Oh, Deep Discount...

...How you respond so quickly!

So anyway, I had ordered the complete series of Titus through Deep Discount in a promotion they had, which was a buy one get one free deal (and $18 bucks for the complete series is too rich to pass up). Now at the time of ordering they were out of stock, but they got stock in very quickly and shipped it off. Well, I should say they got Seasons 1 & 2 in shortly followed by season 3. So that meant I was gonna get them in two seperate packages.


Got the first volume in and goddamn but this show is exactly as funny as I remember it. Fucking Fox...I wish they had got behind this show. Just too damn funny.

So I expected the second volume to come in the following week. And it didn't. Okay, okay, no big, it'll just come in the following week after that. And...damn! Now what could be the hold up? Wait...wait...wait...fuck...fuck...fuck!

So the policy for these kinds of problems generally works like this, if your package has shipped but has not arrived in 30 days, give 'em a shout and they'll get back to you. So this past weekend was just about nearly 30 days and I gave 'em a shout. A very polite shout, no reason to be an asshole.

Long story short I was impressed. Judging from the response (they didn't say explicitly) they forgot to send my package. DOH! Bad fuck up. However, the dude did say it was being resent priority mail with no extra charge. Sweet! The fuck up was pretty bad, but the customer service response was nice and snappy. That's good shit. This makes my fourth or fifth order with Deep Discount and the first time they've dropped the ball but it looks like they pick it up fast (when you point it out). I once had to deal with Rightstuf support and that was a bit difficult (cause they're so small they gotta cover all ends before approving a return) and Overstock let me hold forever to fix one minor quibble (no wonder they don't have a good reputation for customer support). This is, so far, the next best to Amazon (who just tell you to slap on a return label and leave it at that).

Now I just gotta actually get it in.


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