Thursday, April 26, 2007

So I have no willpower

Fuck it, I ordered the New X-Men omnibus edition from Barnes & Noble. It's not like I can't afford it, I'll just make sure to be tight assed for the next while so it all balances it. I normally spend a given amount of money on bullshit anyway, so what if I deficit spend a little? Two unexpected surprises, though. In 24 hours they dropped the price to $69.99. Sweet! Closer to what Amazon was offering. However, I forgot to take into account that since B&N has brick and mortar stores all over the country I was making an in-State purchase and thus liable for sales taxes. $75.76 was the final total. Well, not so bad. $12 bucks more then amazon on the end, but still cheaper then cover price.

Anyway, so a few short thoughts on some comics.

52 - Been enjoying it muchly. A good adventure yarn. Nevermind I've only got the last 13 or so issues, it's enjoyable. It's really how comics should be. Nothing serious, just kick ass on a monthly basis. Writers these days think they're in some sort of higher calling which kills it.

Word War III - Bad ass! Lots of action. Lots of awesome. Lots of shit getting blown up. DC doesn't give much love to Australia though, do they?

The Mighty Avengers #1 - Very well done. Kinda hard to fuck up the creation of a new team of Avengers though. Good action, interesting mix of characters. Ares, God of War? I'm game. Frank Cho's art doesn't fit though. Oh, the women look hot in a totally whore kinda way but the scales are all wrong. The scene where Iron Man is supervising the creation of a new helicarrier? Didn't look like a helicarrier so much as a mini-submarine. Told Andy to save me a copy of issue #2 if he gets a reorder next week, see how shit goes. Bendis gets shit for writing overly talky books, but I haven't read anything by him in years.

Amazons Attack - Fucking horrible. There was a reason I didn't ask Andy to put me down as a regular. So the premise is Wonder Woman's people invade America. Oh, great, sounds awesome! Right? WRONG! The "invasion" consisted of them appearing in the National Mall in Washington DC out of thin air and then destroying all the monuments around them and instantly occupying the city. Yeah, some fucking attack. It should just be called Amazons Occupy. Plus it was so tied into the main Wonder Woman title that I had no idea what was going on. Just terrible. It's pretty easy to figure shit out. DC is trashed, shit's blown up, a couple of minor characters are killed, then they're all kicked out. I can see the climax, Amazons Repelled. In the end it was just $3 bucks down the shitter.

I also picked up a copy of Action Comics and a copy of Justice Society of America. Action, cause Fabian Nicieza is writing (Always good) and JSA cause it's presently crossing over with Justice League. Haven't read these two yet, but looking forward to it.

Time to get to work now. More nonsense later.


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