Sunday, June 01, 2008

Batman #677

Continuing Batman RIP.

Issue starts with Batman beating the hell out of some random costumed hood trying to find out more about this Black Glove organization. After that it's Batman getting ready for a date with his girly, who's name I finally remember, Jezebel Jet. After sending Alfred to catch a movie (part of the Black Glove case he's working on, he needs the research) Jezebel comes in to the cave and almost immediately starts with the left wing oh-my-god-you're-so-rich-my-countries-debt-could-be-paid-by-all-this nonsense. Then they cut to some Black Glove stuff and a reporter talking to Commissioner Gordan about some shit he dug up in the Waynes. Apparently, the Black Glove wants to drag Batman's psyche through the ringer before anything else. And then the issue really takes off. Jez just starts fucking with Batman's head. I mean gently peeling away at his motivations and really fucking with him. This all leads to the end involving the invasion of the Batcave and Alfred coming back and getting his shit beat.

I'm kind of torn about this issue. It doesn't start where the last issue left off. In fact, it feels like something is missing between issues. (In fact the last few issues have all started like that.) But all in all, this issue really builds quite smoothly to a pretty decent cliffhanger. Watching Jez fuck with Batman was pretty cool too. She compares their experiences as her parents were killed as well. It was kinda surprising to see Batman be shaken so easily. It's not like he was ever the most emotionally stable fellow, and even he recognizes that maybe Jez is part of the Black Gloves scheme, but this is the guy who's never let his personal relationships interfere with his ultimate goals. He's the guy who built files on all the weaknesses of guys like Green Lantern, Flash, Wonder Woman and Superman. And they're some of his best friends! That some bubble headed tramp with big tits could dissect him so easily is a bit hard to believe. But with a build up like that I need to see where this is going. Damn, Grant Morrison doesn't make it easy. He can knock you on your ass or he can make you regret ever reading comics to begin with. A very diverse writer, to say the least.


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