Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Them Reviews - Captain America #38

Alright, alright! The story kicks off with Sharon Carter speaking with the Steve Rogers "clone." It's revealed that this Steve Rogers is in fact the Grand Director. That's right, the Grand Director. Brubaker takes an obscure character that I only knew about from reading Wikipedia. Honestly, if I hadn't I probably would have been pissed, but knowing that history I was actually quite excited. The Red Skull, Faustus and Arnim Zola all want to use the Grand Director here to take back the mantel of Captain America and put him against Captain Bucky. Fucking sweet. I'm really looking forward to where this story heads now. Brubaker can be kind of hit and miss with every other issue being kick ass. This was the kick ass issue. After dealing with the Grand Director, we see Captain Bucky and the Falcon searching for one of the Red Skull's hideouts when they chance upon Arnim Zola at a factory. Ass kicking ensues. We finally see Captain Puerto Rico do more then awkward roundhouse kicks finally. The Falcon really schools Bucky. They have a pretty decent set up for an interesting relationship between the two. The Falcon, at this point, is far more then just a sidekick. He's probably the closest thing Bucky has to a mentor at this point, since Falcon and Steve Rogers ran around for years. I really wanna see where these two characters go in the coming issues. Brubaker just nailed it with this issue, kudos to him. Highly recommended.


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