Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Them Reviews - Grendel: Behold The Devil #7

I'm sad to say but this issue was massively disappointing. Grendel confronts the little demon that's been haunting him but all we're shown is a series of flash forwards that cover the events shown in the old Comico Grendel series. It's like the whole issue was just a giant ad to remind readers that, hey, these are all being collected into TPBs. Get 'em while they're hot! Just massively, massively disappointed with Matt Wagner. To appease the reader, he throwns in a hot sex scene between the reporter and the police detective. Fun as that might be, it was insulting. Wagner is saying that although this issue is a shameless attempt to plug his other shit, he's not below insulting the reader's intelligence by appealing to their insatiable lust for black on white deep dicking. Great, thanks Matt. Fuck. (And weren't those two on the outs? What are they doing having hot screaming-for-God-finger-in-the-dude's-ass sex?) After the demon just up and disappears (what the fuck!), we do get some insight into Hunter's character at the very end, but it does nothing for the issue. Last issue coming up. Probably an easy excuse for ultra-violence. I'm not sure if there is anything Wagner could do to make the ending even remotely satisfying now. Goddamn, I just feel so tainted now.


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