Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'm dying for a smoke

Damn it all!

Sssooooooo, new comics coming in today.  I'm only expecting four this week (Action Comics, Booster Gold, ClanDestine and Green Lantern Corps) so it's gonna be pretty slow.  Reviews will be fast at least.  Looking forward to this final issue of ClanDestine, it's been an excellent read and real purty to look at.  GLC, always bad ass and Booster, I really can never remember what happens from one month to the next.  Really, honestly, truly.  I might as well re-read the entire series, seriously.

Flipped though the new Absoluute Sandman and it's incredible.  Sat and read issue #50, Ramadan, and loved it.  Loved the art, the writing, the way Gaiman handles culture and myth and adds that little twist.  Have comics in general managed to reach this level of writing again?  Seriously, best series you could ever hope to pick up.  Get the Absolute editions, get the trades, whatever, just get 'em.

Meanwhile, while I'm jonesing for a smoke, I'ma keep reading my little Hitchhiker's Guide book.  Damn, I know I should have finished this ages ago.  Problem with comedies is I suppose I need to be in a mood to laugh before I can read 'em.  I'm really anxious to start the next thing.  Either Ron Paul's The Revolution (should be breezy), John Adams by McCullough (not nearly as breezy) or Michael Yon's Moment of Truth in Iraq (engrossing writer).


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