Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Comics Wednesday

Captain America #39

Final Crisis #2

Green Lantern #32

Uncanny X-Men #499

X-Men: Legacy #213

Alright, so not bad. I was going to pick up The Ultimates 3 #4, but Andy ran out. I was flipping through a friends copy's just as well. Wow, that was some shitty shitty dialogue. I might still pick it up for Joe Mad's art (I want to run to the other place and pick up the Flash cover of Final Crisis #2). I might get this issue. Might not. Aside from the fact that I'm getting the first two series in hardcover, why bother with this one? It's been pretty awful so far. There were a bunch of characters at the end, I guess they were supposed to be robots or some shit, and one of them was saying something like, "You people consider us like...blah, blah vibrators!" What? What the fuck? Jesus, Jeph LOeb, the guy who wrote Batman: The Long Halloween actually wrote that? Christ almighty! That shit is pure fail.

Well, we'll see.

Reviews forthcoming.


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