Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Batman Begins

Went to HEB today and picked up a copy of Batman Begins.


Ya know, except for a five minute sequence on FX, I've never seen this until this morning. Figured if I was gonna go see The Dark Knight this weekend I should see the first one.

While I was there I picked up a bottle of cabernet.

So had a pretty good morning, watching Batman, drinking wine, ate the last bit of leftover pasta while I was at it. Great man, absolutely great.

Well, the wine wasn't all that, it was cheap stuff. Six dollar wine that's probably not much better than a bum wine. Didn't stop me from finishing the bottle.

Movie was really good, should have seen it a long time ago. I had some issues with it. The Waynes leaving the opera instead of a movie theater; Bruce Wayne being trained by Ra's Al Guhl; Chicago being substituted for Gotham City (say what you will about Schumacher, his Gotham City was crazy)...but my biggest complaint was too many villains. Carmine Falcone, Ra's Al Guhl AND Scarecrow. I wish they had just stuck with Carmine Falcone and a corrupt GCPD and just leave it a straight Year One story, otherwise it felt like two movies smashed together (the first half was pure fuckwin). Scarecrow came out for all of, what, ten minutes? Liam Neeson Ra's/Ducard was cool, though. Would have liked to see him and Wilkinson's Falcone together instead of tossing him to the wayside midway through.

But really, those are minor quibbles. Maybe it's just cause I was pretty sauced but by the end I was hootin and hawlerin. And given everything I've seen from The Dark Knight I am PUMPED. I'm glad they decided to start from square one with this character, cause it worked out wonderfully.


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