Thursday, July 10, 2008

Empire of Blue Water

Finally started with a new book and I'm going with Stephen Talty's book about Henry Morgan.

Only three chapters in, but I'm diggin it.  A lot of set up, Talty describing the motivations for England, Spain, Morgan and Thomas Gage.  Some anecdotes and descriptions about the typical pirate and privateer of that era.

Reads pretty briskly, which is good.  Not a whole lot of pillaging and plundering quite yet.  Actual, Henry Morgan is still a peripheral character at this point.  I think Talty should start focusing on him fairly soon.

Otherwise, so far so good.  There's at least a couple of paragraphs that I've read that kinda read like something Douglas Adams would have wrote for the Hitchhiker's Guide.  Very funny stuff.


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