Friday, August 15, 2008 FTW!

Man, I was getting pissed off.  An order of mine comes in with the a stamp that says "Received Damaged" and five out of the six books I ordered missing.  Man, I was so pissed.  Some fucking jack-off at Buy's warehouse didn't package my shit right and the box comes flying apart after being delivered to the post office.  I thought, "Man, what a pain in the ass, gonna have to fucking haggle with Buy just to get my shit corrected, they'll probably want all sorts of verification, yada yada yada..."

Just got a message in tonight, a new shipment has been approved for the missing books.


That's some pretty good service.  It took a bit of time to get the whole thing sorted, I imagine someone had to call the Jersey City post office and ask, "Hey, what the fuck?"  It was made longer by the fact I only have internet access at work.  But overall, it seemed to go well.  Answered a short series of questions to describe what the deal was in greater depth (and in less then two thousand characters without being a prick about the whole thing is a bit of a challenge).  Seems I covered all my bases there.

Now I can spread the good word.


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