Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The front lawn is DONE!

Thank fuck. I hate cutting the grass. What a pain in the ass all that is. Took me an hour and I just sweated my ass off. Ah well, at least it looks alright now. I can walk on it again.

Also, as it turns out, we're supposed to take care of our part of the alley. Which we've never done. Ever. Looked like shit. The Church sent over the people who do their grounds and they cut it for us. It'll tack an extra $30 bucks on the rent but that's no big deal. They also removed the remains of the tree that fell in our yard two or so months ago. Not that they were lazy, we just took a while to tell them about it >_>. But now there's all that overgrown grass we have to take care of. Great. Well, I was gonna take care of the backyard next week so I'll rip it all out then. It's a bit too much for our dinky little lawnmower with the fucked up wheels so I'll have to rip them out by hand. It's not a huuuuge area but it'll still take time. Ah well, I need to get out in the sun more anyway.

Other then that this day has been kind of a wash. I slept until two. TWO! In the afternoon! I totally missed DS9 on Spike. Dammit! And to top it off my idiot brother ate the last of the tuna. Bastard! I guess I should have gone to bed a bit earlier instead of staying up reading. This means either I won't actually fall asleep until the sun is well in my eyes or I'll wake up after only getting five hours of sleep. Ah well, not like I do anything important.

After that I'm gonna try and see Over The Hedge at the dollar theater Tuesday. There's a showing at about 2:30. Hope I don't get pulled over for having an expired registration. If I were really responsible I would just do the back yard instead of fucking around at the ghetto theater. But movies are more important I say :p. Also, I never saw Over The Hedge and I really wanted to see it.

Read, jerk off, watch anime, go to work. Just like any other day :).


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