Thursday, September 28, 2006

So I listened to the new Maiden album

Ya know what?

It's alright.

Definitaly better then Dance of Death. I'll tell you why,

I approached this album with cautious optimism. DoD I really really
wanted to like. Desperately wanted to like. I pretty much glossed
over the shit parts and the fact that few of the songs gelled
properly. Not so this one. It might have to do with lowered
expectations but no matter.

So as I said, it's alright.

As of right now about half the album is some damn good shit. Tracks
1, 7-10 are the stand out tracks. Different World is just a lovely
rocker. Breeg, obviously, I've heard a lot of already via
For the Greater Good of God. Okay, this is my favorite track so far.
I just love the way Bruce sings the chorus. FOOOOOOR THHHHEEEE
GREATER GOOOD ofGOD! Even if it is repeated, I just like it. Lord of
Light I dig. I lkike the soft bits and the way Bruce sings them. For
some reason though it makes me wanna put on Pain of Salvation. The
Legacy is a great ender.

So what about the other tracks?

They don't grab me. I haven't listened to it enough yet, maybe they
will eventually, but right now they don't do anything for me. I sat
there and listened to them again this afternoon and I just started
picking my nose the whole time. Not necessarily a bad thing mind you,
I was really needed to dig some shit outta there. I was just a bit
distracted. I mean These Colors Don't Run is pretty good I guess.
Brighter Than A Thousand Suns gets people hard but me? Meh.

So what's bad? Bruce's voice. Again. It's the same shit on every
goddammit, lets hear some fucking nuance! Vocally Lord of Light is
the best in that regard. I love Kevin Shirley, I really do. His
production on Brave New World was immaculate. Bruce's voice sounded
wonderful. I should mention all the shit he has done with Dream
Theater. Why in the holy hell does he insist on using rehearsal
vocals these last two albums? Why? They sound bad. Veddy veddy bad.
Okay, not as bad as on Dance of Death, but still. On the DVD they
said rehearsal vocals were used on 80% of the album. Apparently,
cause I only really pay attention to the vocals the other 20%.

Also, I think for Maiden's last album, they should do something slow
and introspective. They sound great on the slow and introspective
parts of this album. Screw rocking out with their old, stubby,
withered cocks out, I wanted to hear more of those slow bits. Slow
good. I like slow. It was evocative of The X-Factor in that way.
Start off slow, then rock it. However, in the X-Factor the rocking
bits were better and the slow bits were kinda tedious. Complete
opposite here. The slow bits really capture your attention. The
rocking bits? Well they all just sound kinda samey.

Anyway, so far I'd say this album is a 6/10. 7/10. Ranking in terms
of post reunion albums? Overall, better then Dance of Death, not as
good as Branve New World. Those good tracks are really fucking good
though. I think I'm content with those.

I wish I had a CD burner. I would take those five tracks and then
combine them with the four good tracks from Dance of Death and have a
fantastic Maiden album.


Blogger andy said...

I completely agree with your comments on Bruce's vocals. At some point these guys are going to have to realize that they are not engaging in an improvisational art form. Perfection of performance is key - ESPECIALLY when the pipes you are tooting are a tad on the aged side. I have to listen to it a few more times to get the complete feel for it but it hasn't given me the hives yet. (that's a good thing... I think.)

2:29 PM  
Blogger Robert Muñoz said...

Steve has said they're gonna probably do one more studio album before calling it quits. Yeah, it would be a bad idea if Maiden's legacy was overshadowed by overdone vocals.

3:45 AM  

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