Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Watching a palm tree nearly burn down

Man, it was the coolest thing. So Sunday night I spent most of th night reading but I would walk out periodically for a smoke. Anyway, so I'm standing behind my truck when something catches my attention and I look up to see a palm frond come in contact with the powerline and create a kick ass looking arc of 'lectricity. It was neato.

Anyway, after I went back in and read a little more I went over to the sliding glass door to my backyard to get a better view and saw the coolest shit. The wind had started picking up and was knocking the palm fronds back into the power line so much that the frond had started getting cooked and small flaming bits were coming off. So watching it burn and get zapped with electricity was awesome. It would build up a pretty good charge too. Enough so that when the charge released it pretty much lit up the top of the palm tree. Cool shit, I must have watched for half and hour.

And then it started to rain.

And then I sat back down to read.


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