Thursday, October 26, 2006

Cat versus dog

Which would win in a fight?

Well, apparently, my cat. My cat. Versus a hundred some odd pound german shephard. Swear to God, I missed parts of the beginning of Lost because I was having to keep my cat from murdering my dog. There she is, this little ten pound (if that much) cat basically stalking my dog and ready to attack and me putting myself between them. And my dog cowering like a giant pussy.

It was the strangest thing.

Now, it's not like my cat hasn't taken her shots at the poor dog. She swats him on the nose or wehatever and of course he yelps cause of them sharp as hell little claws. Yes, that's one thing. I've never seen her actually freaking attack. Hunched down, ears back, look of murder in her eyes...yep, she wanted a fight. Well, it got broken up airly quickly but even after that the damn cat just sorta watched the dog from under the dining room table. Watched. And plotted.

I have a homicidal psycho jungle kitty.


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