Saturday, April 28, 2007

To my dear sister

If you're reading this please don't tell your husband that we destroyed his lawnmower.

Okay, so the lawnmower that broke? Well it's broke broke. Threw-a-rod-or-some-shit-through-the-motor-broke. Like $200-dollars-to-replace-said-motor-and-easier-to-go-to-Sears-and-get-a-whole-one broke.

And lo, we did go to Sears. Found a nice Craftsman with a 22 inch deck and 6.25 ft-pounds of torque on sale for $181. Basically what I have now. Factor in warranty and taxes it comes out to about $250 which is equal (if not less than) to what it would cost to replace the motor on the old one.

So, after browsing Lowes (and picking up some twine to fix the birdfeeders) it looks like I'll probably get that one from Sears. Excellent.

While at the mall, went to Waldenbooks and picked up some shit. The new Revolver, the first two issues of Buffy Season 8, the new Foxtrot collection and a couple of books for mom. Neil Gaiman's Anansi Boys and some other one which the author's name and title escape me. Okay, I only intended to get the new Foxtrot. I didn't mean to spend $40 bucks on other stuff, honest!

So I guess tomorrow we'll get to Sears early, get that lawnmower, go home and at least try to do the front.


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