Sunday, May 27, 2007

Rain rain and more rain

It started raining again tonight and the ground is still swollen from
Friday. Not more then 20 minutes of rain and already the streets
around my neighborhood are flooding. I stepped through the grass to
get around my truck and it was like wading through a shallow kiddy
pool. Absolutely nothing is getting absorbed. (My lawn, however,
has never looked greener. This morning it was practically
luminescent!) Getting to work was a tad difficult to say the least.
Brakes are too wet again and I almost stalled out trying to get
through one flooded intersection. I called back home after getting to
work and getting my shift ready and it apparently slowed enough that
my street is clearing up. Regardless, I'm not taking chances. One of
the advantages of working in a hotel is I can abuse my position if I
really need to. I already told my ma that if shit starts coming down
heavy like that again to grab the animals and head over to the
Hampton. I've done enough favors for people over there, covered up
there shenanigans, that they'll sneak her in. Hopefully we won't need
to do that though.

The northern central parts of the state might be getting it far worse
(six dead 'round Killeen, right where my sister is moving) but lemme
tell you we're definitaly getting a taste of it down here.

Man, my lawn is gonna be ten feet high.


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