Saturday, May 26, 2007

Rained like a bastard

Man, we got twelve inches Friday.

Went to bed this morning and heard it start raining. After a while it
stopped (or slowed down) and heard some thunder and drifted off. Woke
up at 3:30 cause I had to go to a meeting at 4:00 and it was pissing
down like it hasn't pissed in years. Meeting was canceled but fuck it
I was already awake. Proceeded to watch a couple of ducks bath in the
rain and try to pick seed out of the grass. Well, the seed was
probably washed away and so they sauntered over to the street which
was totally flooded. Half my front lawn was under water, swear to
God. They walked over and started swimming in the friggin street!
Bathing and swimming and having a good ole time. Lucky ducks.

Anyway, rain finally let up enough that the street drained and I could
get my check and pick up my brother-in-laws weed-eater ($72 bucks that
one). Everything drained pretty fast around my neighborhood. After
we got heavy floods in '91 the city really went forward with plans for
improving drainage and the street I live on, which got nailed bad back
then, took it all pretty well. Over on the street Top Cut was at, not
so much. Flooded pretty good. Mind you it doesn't look like any
business got damaged (though the news showed a nice neighborhood in La
Feria which was knee deep in water and pretty well screwed). So get
the edger, pay, and realize I forgot to ask about new parts for the
whacking end. We kinda lost most of that shit some time ago. DOH!
Well my idiot brother can take care of that considering he lost that
shit. Hell, he should have paid for fixing the edger to begin with
considering he was the one that knew how to work it properly (tricky
little bastard it was). Lazy prick.

So anyway, now in about two days my lawn is gonna be greener then it's
been in years and about ten feet tall and I'll end up cutting it three
times a day for a month but man, what a lovely day. Lotsa lightning,
lots of rain, power went out at the hotel, meeting was canceled (which
I just found out was actually gonna be at 3:00 and not 4:00). Got
gas, got a couple of packs of smokes, got my first issue of Revolver
in tha mail (which I'll apparently get after it hits
newstands...anyone want the Hottest Chicks in MEtal issue?) oh and got
my new free faux-Zippo lighter from Camel as well as an order from
Rightstuf (AFRO SAMURAI!). Awesome.

And tell me what you think about this e-haul.

Megadeth - United Abominations

Porcupine Tree - Fear Of A Blank Planet

The Pat Matheny Group - The Way Up

Dream Theater - Systematic Chaos (w/DVD)

American Gods by Neil Gaiman.

Got the book for my mother. Got her Anansi Boys a few weeks back and
she enjoyed it. Figure she might like this one. I was debating on
the Metheny CD. Some dude on Amazon comapred it to 70s prog and
called it his Topographic Oceans. Never heard Topographic Oceans but
it wasn't meant as a favorable comparison. Megadeth, Porcupine Tree
and Dream Theater? Love 'em all.


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