Friday, May 18, 2007

Comics, continued

Batman. This is the Batman I've always wanted to read. Thank you Morrison and Kubert! I mean I loved the miniseries like The Long Halloween. I've enjoyed Batman in books like Justice League. Batman in his own book? Not so much. This Batman? I enjoy it thoroughly.

The Mighty Avengers. Meh. Some stuff happened. Sentry fought the new female Ultron. The Black Widow took control of the SHIELD helicarrier. The Avengers are still kinda sorta retreating. Tigra and Hank Pym get caught about to hop in the sack for no discernable reason. I hope this is all going somewhere. The brief Ultron/Sentry fight was okay, but Frank Cho has some serious problems with scale. He's not flashy enough to get some of his ideas through properly on the page. Bendis is having trouble following through with a story. Is this something that works best in TPB form? Cause it's not really showing a lot of potential in periodical form that's for sure. I'll give it until issue six. If the title isn't firing on all cylinders I'm dropping it.

X-Factor. Felt like kind of a filler issue. There was some stuff between Guido and Rahne. Madrox risks poisoning himself when he absorbs a poisoned duplicate. Some action bits with Monet and Syren versus Marrow, the Blob and the Reaper. There was a cute scene between Layla Miller and some French kid. Rictor is kidnapped by Quicksilver who wants to strike a deal with him. It wasn't a bad issue, but it felt like Peter David was just moving things forward without showing off the characters. It ended interesting enough so I hope the next issue provides some decent follow through. Good art. Nothing spectacular, but it was easy to look at.

Cable & Deadpool. Well I only picked it up cause it has something to do with the present arc in X-Men involving Cable's island nation, telepathic mindworms from space Rogue in the ER. Honestly, after setting the issue down I pretty much forgot everything that happened. I think it was supposed to be a character issue focusing on Cable? He's getting his powers back due to that mindworm thing? I dunno. It really didn't have much to do with the main arc in X-Men. The Deadpool stuff was pretty cool though, but I don't know why Marvel decided to put them in a single title. I'd much prefer to see Deadpool. I might, maybe, occasionally pick this one up. However the art kinda sucks.

Countdown. We're still off to a slow start with this one. I did like the ending. Looks like Jimmy Olsen is a few inches away from getting eaten by Killer Croc right now. If 52 proved anything it's that the fans love watching people get eaten by crocodiles. Still wondering why Mary Marvel is older then she should be. I'm just waiting for her to turn into the whore everyone says she'll become.

Justice League of America continues the current cross over with the Justice Society, The Lightning Saga some such. Ed Benes has great art. Loads better then the Image Comics/Liefeld knock-off stuff he was doing some years ago. While it still shows where he came from, he's definitaly a pretty good artist to have on the current Justice League series. The current arc has something to do with the Legion of Super-Heroes. Honestly, I've never really liked the Legion. Actually I still don't. I think what they're doing is setting up things for a new Legion series and it's pretty obvious. Meltzer and Johns just seem to be jumping through editorial hoops for this one. Don't get me wrong, they're still pulling together an okay yarn, but why? Personally I never understood the point of the Legion, it was always something that was just kinda...there. Oh yeah, heard about the great stories and all but the series never clicked with me. Something about every character having Lad or Lass or Kid or some shit in their name just annoyed the hell out of me. But here we are, pushing a new Legion series and also apparently re-establishing some old silver age continuity. Fuck it, I'll just take it for what it's worth.