Tuesday, January 29, 2008

For whatever reason...

Lately, when I button my shirt, I always seem to miss one.


Got a couple of DVD in the mail yesterday.  Moonstruck and Chocolat.  Mom likes 'em.  Said between those and the clothes I bought her I don't have to get her anything for her birthday.  I'm gonna try to find something anyway.  At least take her out to dinner.  I got a hankerin for a giant hamburger from The Lone Star.  Well, mostly I just got a hankerin to stuff myself silly at any restaurant that's good.  Mmmmmmmmm, foooooood!

Florida primary today.  GO RUDY!

When I get back from seeing Cloverfield this afternoon (assuming I wake up in time) I'm hoping for good results.  Fred dropped out, Rudy, don't you fail me too!


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