Sunday, February 10, 2008

Experimenting with wine

Went to Target today to get a couple of things and figured, while I was there, to get a couple of bottles of wine.  I was gonna last week at HEB but it was on a Sunday before noon.  Sunday.  Before noon.  This is news to me.  FUCKING BLUE LAWS!  And ya know what?  I know I sold booze prior to noon on a couple of occasions working at Circle K.  No one ever said nothin, I swear!

Right, so picked up a couple of bottles of wine.

Two bottles of Fetzer, one a red (cabernet sauvignon) and one a white (chardonnay).  Nothing expensive, they were like $7 bucks a pop, but I hear Fetzer is a pretty good place to start.

I've always been confused about the rules of drinking wine.  Chilled or room temperature, what goes good with what kinda dish, and on and on.  I invariably get something wrong, screw it up and leave myself grimacing with every swallow (I have little taste for alcohol to begin with and that doesn't help).

But I think I did something right.

Okay, so tonight I cracked open the cabernet.  Red is for room temperature!  I am learning!

Had it with a steak and baked potato (mmmm, fancy!).

I liked it!  I know I've had cabernet before but I think I always made the mistake of chilling it.  It was a lot better this time around.  Having an ill defined vocabulary when it comes to wine I can't really describe it but I was pleased.  I also discovered that breathing is very important.  Drinking anything always involves clinching the back of your nasal passage closed (CHUG!) and knocking it back.  Apparently all that smelling and swirling and the like isn't just a bunch of pretentious bullshit.  It really is like half the point!  Breathe the wine in, slowly...I know I've heard that advice before but I guess I just ignored it.

Goddamn but I am in desperate need of some culturing.

I'm gonna have to buy a copy of Sideways now, I just know it.

Experimenting is gonna be interesting.  I lack refinement and have a lot to learn about wine, but I am learning to appreciate it.


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