Wednesday, February 06, 2008



My replacement didn't show up this morning.  Didn't call, didn't hear a peep from her.  Didn't get out until 9 o'clock.  Burned my hand on hot coffee when some jackoff started the machine right after a fresh pot was already made.  Then they made fun of me.  Then I was bitched out by some French Canadian woman, in front of everyone, cause she had to wait while I made more fresh coffee.  Bitched me out twice in fact.  Saying that this shit would get me fired in the north east.  Cause apparantly coffee fills itself in the northeast.  Magically.  Never once being touched by human hands.

The owner, Ron, took over for me while he waited for the new guy to come in.

Nice guy.

I'm cursing Anel's name right now.

I need to find a job where I work with grown ups and not stupid children.  This is killing me.

Soon.  SOON!  The magic words will be said.  Magic words of great magical magical-ness.


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